The capital of Slovenia

If you are on a Euro Trip or just living close we strongly recommend to stopping by for at least 1-2 days in the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. We have been there just for about 24h in Ljubljana to watch a concert as it is not too far away from Vienna but already regret not staying at least one more day. It was quite a hustle to pack a lot of sightseeing and city exploration in just 24h but we managed to do it and here is our sum up of it.




We picked our stay for just one night based on the criteria “close to the concert and city centre and train station” and chose the Hostel 24 in …. street.

As we were 3 people we just took the 4 people room. To be honest I guess there are quite a few hostels which are nicer than this one, but maybe we just got the worst room, close to the street and with a crack under the door where you can hear also a lot of noises from the streets or other guest coming or going. We heard that the “Prison” hostel should be quite good.


City Centre

Ljubljana-4 - slovenia Ljubljana-5 slovenia

The city centre of Ljubljana is really beautiful and very clean. Everything looks also quite new and somehow refurbished, especially close to the river Ljubljanica meandering through the city. Close to the river bars, restaurants and cafes are lined up offering high quality food and beverages for fair prices. Beer for about 2,5€, Cocktails for about 5-7€ and a cappuccino for about 2-2,5€. Main meals are about 8-12€.



Ljubljana-1 slovenia Ljubljana-3 slovenia


The Castle is right in the middle of the city and from the central train station it is visible after a few hundred meters of walking. In general you can explore the whole city easily by walking. Most of the distances are not longer than 2 km.

You can either climb the castle by foot, take the cab train or use the tourist tour with the small electric train to get up there (8€ for the whole tourist tour, or 4€ just for the ride to the castle). We walked up there and the advantage of that way is that you have a few lookout points and some fresh air. It also took us only 15 minutes, so don’t be lazy and do some walking 🙂

The castle itself is also very well maintained and looks great. You can walk around it and enter it for free. Inside you can also enjoy the great view over the city from numerous positions and you will find two souvenir shops (offering pretty cool stuff for fair prices) and a museum. For the museum and the best view from the highest point = the watch tower you have to pay few euros.

As the main thing going on in Ljubljana is the dragon, they have an awesome machine with which you can make your own dragon coin.

You just have to insert a 5 Cent coin and a 1 € coin and then the mechanism is open and after two times spinning the wheel the 5 Cent coin is smashed and a dragon emblem is pressed on it.



Kino Siska


Location: Trg Prekomorskih Brigad

Kino Siska is a event location close to the biggest park of the City called Tivoli.

We watched a band there in the small room and where quite stunned by the cool music they played outside. The crowd was alternative but didn’t look too crazy.



Metelkova Mesto

Ljubljana-6 slovenia Ljubljana-8 Ljubljana-7

Location: Masarykova 24

Located close to a museum complex this artist housing complex is quite unique. The museum complex looks like a smaller version of Viennas Muesumsquartier and the Metelkova houses look like a tiny Christiania from Kopenhagen. For us it was a MUST VISIT thing on our list and if you like graffiti and fancy ideas of living you should check it out. Especially at night when every house opens a different bar this is the place to be for alternative people.



Hipster area


Location: Trubarjeva cesta

We think the place with the coolest shops and cafes was the street running parallel to the river on the side of the central train station. It is not totally hipsterish, cause Ljubljana is not too hipsterish, but this area would go most into this direction.





In general Ljubljana seems to be a very cool unique creative city. The art and graffiti scene is buzzing, everything looks clean and under control. The people are friendly and there a lot of students hanging around everywhere, but it is still not too hipsterish. The quality of food and drinks is very good and the prices for it are still quite low. So if you just have 24h you could go up to the castle, then walk around a bit in the old town and city centre. Have a drink there or take even a boat tour. Check out some cool shops at Trubarjeva cesta and enjoy the craziness of Metelkova.

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