About us

Hello dear travellers,

We have put up this travel blog to share some information we gathered on our travels.

To get a feeling what this blog is all about we just throw in some half sentences. We are not too crazy about strictly backpacking anymore, but also not too much cash on the side to go bonkers with 4 or 5 star hotels. We like to discover the hinterland on our routes 🙂

We like to meet the locals but also have some luxury from time to time (if we can afford it :). So stay in hotels with a decent rating is quite alright. Eating super cheap street food is a must, but not all the time. Doing some low budget traveling is part of the deal but no permanent condition. If it’s convenient we take the local bus and train but if it’s too much of a hassle we take a tuk tuk driver or even an airport transfer taxi.

So on our blog we talk about things we see and experience and hope to entertain a bit and give you some useful info for your next travels.