Seaside vacation in Brela – our tips for Dalmatia in Croatia

Quite a while we were thinking about going to Croatia for a vacation.  We have been there as childs with our parents and can remember that we liked it a lot. Then we discovered an old article from Forbes Magazine from 2004, pointing out that Brela has on of the top 100 beaches worldwide, plus the Huffington Post also mentioned this magnificent beach. So the matter was settled and we took off to Brela.


Crystal clear water in Dalmatia

Dalmatia is known for its clear ocean and the stunning colors of deep blue and turquoise resulting from the crystal clear water.  Brela is located about 1h drive below Split and the main beach in Brela is the worldwide famous Punta Rata beach. On our first day we had to check it out immediately 🙂

tothehinterland croatia kroatien brela underwater unterwasser fische glasklar IMG_9216 Kopie


A stunning scenery of Mountains, Cliffs and Ocean

One of the main points why Brela and its beaches are such an amazing sight are also the surrounding Biokovo Mountains. Almost everywhere you have this mixture of colors from the blue water, the green pine trees and the mountains in the background.

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Activities in Brela

We can totally recommend Brela for sporty people. You can take it slow and have a nice walk everyday right beneath the ocean on the 6,5 km long path. Or rent Kayaks, SUPs (Stand up Paddle) and have fun on the water. Renting Bicycles is also an option and we saw also some more advanced bike paths in the Biokovo Mountains where you can also go for a hike. In Brela  ( and surrounding villages you also have some Diving schools. So plenty of stuff to do besides relaxing all day at the wonderful beaches 🙂

tothehinterland kroatien brela croatia strand beach

Right along the beaches you find a big playground for kids and also two “water playgrounds” with inflated trampolines and water slides.

Around Brela you also have a few very beautiful islands to visit by boat on half-day or one day trips. Hvar, Brac and Vis are the most known of them. Best to check Tripadvisor which island tours have the best ratings.  If you are looking for some culture and stunning ancient architecture you can visit Split or Trogir which are just 1 hour away by car.


Our recommendations and tips for Brela

Our favorite beach was the famous Punta Rata and the nearby small small close to the big cliff in the direction of the Plaža Podrače. At Punta Rata you can always find some shadow because of the Pines directly on the beach and all facilities you can think of are close by.  After trying out a few restaurants we found our favorite, called Palma. It’s looks quite rough (80ties, 90ties style) from the outside but the food was supergood and the pricing was quite alright. Plus the waiters where always friendly, which is not always the case in every restaurant.

Another pretty cool Restaurant Tip, we got from our AirBnB host was the the restaurant “Ranč” in Tucepi. It’s a half hour drive from Brela but with a pretty scenic view at the mountains ant the seaside. The restaurant itself is located in a field of olive trees and offers you the best of traditional croatian (sea) food.

To sum this up, we love Brela and I guess we will come back every year to this stunning place where everything seems to be lovely 🙂

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